Bike Parade Welcomes Huge Turnout


The 19th Annual Neighborhood House Bike Parade & Ice Cream Social wheeled into town on Wednesday, August 7 welcoming more than 200 participants, and many more ice cream connoisseurs from across MDI. What started out nearly two decades ago as just an excuse for the community to gather and share a simple ice cream sundae has evolved into one of the more anticipated events of the summer, eagerly anticipated by both year ‘round and seasonal residents as well as visitors who just happen to stumble upon the fun.


The festivities kicked off at 5:30 on the lawn where children (with a little help from parents and volunteers) scavenged though a plethora of “decorations” to adorn their bikes, trikes, scooters, and wagons. Much of the “decor” was repurposed from the variety of events and parties thrown at The Neighborhood House throughout the year— everything from sparkly valentine hearts to orange halloween streamers. Dozens of kids were even able to top it off their wheels with a decorative bow crafted by volunteer, Pat Foster (Pat will be hard at work creating centerpieces for the Community Cafe this fall, so the Bike Parade is a great way to “stay in practice”).


Of course, the star of the show is always the ice cream sundaes. Once again this year, all fo the ice cream for the event was donated by The Acadia Corporation. For those hankering another helping, be sure to stop by their shop, “Jordan Pond Ice Cream & Fudge” on Main St. in Bar Harbor. No sundae is complete without a little hot fudge however, and luckily Neighborhood House Board member Nancy McKay was up for the challenge of preparing enough for 200+ sundaes. Alas, those sundaes don’t serve themselves, and that’s where the help of volunteer Scoopers Joyce and Steve Ashley, Dani Ray, and several Neighborhood House camp counselors came in handy. Judging by all of the chocolate coated smiles, it was all well worth the effort.


Before it was time to dig into the sundaes the contingent of kids, adults, and canines, took to the streets for the annual parade. With such an impressive turnout of expertly decorated vehicles a little help was needed to keep everything orderly and safe. That’s precisely where the Mt. Desert Police and Fire Departments generously provided their services. Lt. Edgecomb led the procession down Tracy Rd. and back up Main Street to the finish. Meanwhile, despite just making it back into town after fighting an actual fire in Bar Harbor, an engine from the Fire Dept. swept up behind making sure everyone made it back to the start.

It’s funny what a little ice cream, some bicycles, and a handful of fantastic volunteers and supporters can create. If you missed the action this year, no need to fret— Bike Parade #20 will be here before you know it! You can also enjoy our full Facebook photo gallery, or video of the festivities— just click below!

The Neighborhood House