The 2019/20 Youth Club season gets underway on Tuesday, September 3.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 276-5039, or email Suzie James at


After School Youth Club


The Neighborhood House's After School "Youth Club" program is a non-custodial, drop-in program. It is designed to give school-aged kids a fun, safe place to "hang out" after school. The program runs Monday thru Thursday, from after school ‘till 5pm. As a drop-in program, it is not necessary to register your child for specific days in advance.




To help defray the cost of staffing, as well as the expense of supplies, snacks, etc., we offer two payment options. As with all our programs, if these fees do not fit into your family's budget, please contact us. For children who drop-in on a frequent basis, we ask for a one-time fee of $350, which covers half the school year ($700 for the full year). For kids who drop-in less frequently, there is a $15 daily fee. A second child discount of $250 per half-year or $15/day is also available.

In both circumstances, we will calculate which payment option is less, depending on the number of days your child attended, and bill you accordingly at the smaller of the two fees.


How Do I Sign My Child Up?


As a "drop-in" program, it is not necessary to pre-register your child for specific days. We do ask that you fill out our basic information sheet so we are sure to have your current contact information on file. Once the form is returned, your child is invited to join in the fun.

To avoid any confusion, we ask that you send a written note to school to alert their teacher and office personnel of their new after school "routine."