A Recipe That's Out of this World


Throughout the course of the summer, participants in the various Neighborhood House day camp programs take part in all sorts of adventures and activities— from hiking the mountains of Acadia to discovering hidden artistic abilities, and everything in between. On a recent morning, Neighborhood House board member and volunteer extraordinaire Douglas Cornman jumped into the act to lead a group of campers through the paces in the kitchen.


With a menu that included an ambitious dish— “Earthly Ice Cream Sandwiches”— the group got straight to work. The recipe started off as a simple sugar cookie dough, but soon the young chefs were mixing together various colors to produce cookies which resembled the ocean and land masses of Mother Earth.


While the cookies themselves appeared impressive enough, Douglas and the campers decided to take things to the next level. After the cookies had been baked and given a chance to cool, out came the ice cream scoop to turn the fresh from the oven treats into ice cream sandwiches.


When the dust settled, there were plenty of smiles (many tinted blue and green from the colorful sugar cookies) and the satisfaction of a job well done. Special thanks to Douglas for leading organizing the project and sharing his expertise and enthusiasm.

The Neighborhood House