Afternoons on the Farm


Earlier this fall The Neighborhood House began a collaborative program with Whistle Pig Farm giving kids the opportunity not just to visit the idyllic farmstead, but interact with the numerous rescue horses and other animals as well. By expanding their boundaries through new experiences in this fun and welcoming environment, kids are able to form new connections with their peers, build self-esteem by learning new skills and discovering talents, and perhaps picking up some lifelong memories along the way.

Whistle Pig Farm is unique in that it is one of the few remaining saltwater farms along the coast of Maine with owners Holly and Jamie Riordan only the fourth family to operate the farm in just over two centuries. Focused on the rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding permanent homes for horses (in addition to a commercial flower garden), the farm truly provides an experience for to visitors that can’t be found anywhere else.

Ten children from Mt. Desert will be visiting the farm each Friday after school throughout the six-week program. In addition to working with the various horses (and Olive, the rescue dog), the participants also get a chance to brush up their gardening, baking, and craft skills. Be sure to check The Neighborhood House Facebook Page photo updates of the program on a periodic basis.

To find out more about Whistle Pig Farm, you can visit them online at:


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