Community Cafe at the Mt. Desert Town Meeting


The Neighborhood House is happy to once again be offering a special edition of the "Community Cafe" prior to the Town Meeting. This non-partisan meal serves as the perfect light dinner to tide you over during the meeting.

The menu will include baked potato halves with an assortment of toppings along with a zesty broccoli side salad.

Don't forget, technically the Town Meeting begins Monday, May 7 with voting at the Somesville Fire Station, and reconvenes the following evening for the open floor meeting at Mt. Desert Elementary. Online versions of the Town Report are available here.


Monday, May 7; 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Elections held at Somesville Fire Station


Tuesday, May 8 at Mt. Desert Elementary

5:00 pm - Complimentary Community Cafe; 6:00 pm - ? Open Floor Meeting