A Quick Refresh after a Busy Winter


A winter full of salty boot prints taking their tole on the floors is actually a great problem to have. It shows that our space is being utilized more than ever before and that The Neighborhood House is continuing to fulfill its primary mission of building a sense of community spirit.

To keep the momentum going, we've got to take a momentary break so the floors on our main level can get a quick screening and fresh coat of finish. A little bit of annual maintenance will help our 115 year old structure continue to serve the community for generations to come.

The main level (offices, great hall, kitchen, etc.) will be CLOSED Monday, April 30 thru Thursday, May 3. During this time period there will be NO AFTER SCHOOL YOUTH CLUB, but we'll be back in action the following week starting May 7. The downstairs gym will remain open as normal-- we just ask that you use the lower level Rock End Rd. entrance during these four days.



If you would like to contact us Apr. 30 - May 3, you can leave a message at (207)276-5039 (we'll check messages daily), or send us an email or message on social media and we'll get back to you ASAP.

The Neighborhood House