An Abundance of Springtime Projects In the Works


Spring is finally here, and with buds getting set to burst and grass turning green, there’s also an abundance of projects happening throughout our community. At The Neighborhood House, the story is no different. So, while we wait for the bushes out front to bloom any day now, we also have several projects underway we’d like to share:


Flooring Refresh

 After another busy winter (record turnouts at many events!), the hardwood floors on the main level are in need of a quick screening and fresh coat of water based sealant. This maintenance project will occur the week of May 13.

Starting Monday, May 13, our main floor (including the office) will be closed. Please note that the After-School Youth Club will take a one week “recess,” and there will be no Tuesday Art Class. We expect to be back to normal operation Thursday morning just in time for Yoga with Kate Roper, and our Main office will be open as well. If for some reason the timetable for this project changes, we will post information on our Facebook Page.

The lower level gym will remain open for normal operating hours (5am-10pm). Members should plan on using the Rock End Rd. entrance to access the gym. If you’re membership expires during the week of May 13, your card will not be deactivated. You can contact us the following week if you’d like to extend your membership.

You can still connect with us online via our Facebook or Instagram pages, email us, or call us at 276-5039 with any questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If we happen to be able to access the main level prior to Friday, we’ll post that info. online as well.

Email addresses to contact The Neighborhood House the week of May 13:

General Email:

Anne-Marie, Executive Director:

Matt, Community Relations Director:

Suzie, Program Director:

Debra, Health & Fitness Director:  


LED Lighting Upgrades

The Neighborhood House is taking advantage of a program offered via Efficiency Maine to replace an array of standard lighting fixtures with highly efficient LED alternatives. MCM Electric will be doing all of the work, most of which is in the lower level gym area. If you happen to be working out and notice some step ladders and electrical work going on—no worries. While some areas or equipment might be temporarily inaccessible as fixtures ae swapped out, the gym is still open as normal. This transition will help keep the lights burning brightly on the end of Main Street for years to come!


Balcony Makeover

Over the last several years, a great deal of time, effort, and funding has gone into keeping The Neighborhood House a nice up-to-date space able to continue serving the needs of our community. One of the last spaces in the building in need of a “refresh” is the balcony/office area overlooking the Great Hall. Thanks to a generous grant, this process is now getting underway.

There’s actually hardwood under that decades old carpeting, and we’re looking forward to returning it to its original state. In the coming months the space will also get some fresh paint on the walls and trim along with new furnishings.


Our #1 Fan!

Last summer was a hot one. The benefit of promoting a more efficient airflow in the Great Hall became apparent, especially considering the buzz of activity occurring in the space on a daily basis. With generous private funding from a grant and the expertise of our Building & Grounds Committee, we’ll soon be replacing the two small ceiling fans mounted high in the Great Hall with a better alternative.

MCM Electricwill be installing FIVE fans from a US based company (with an interesting name) designed specifically for large spaces such as the Great Hall. Doors and windows will be open as usual (we think that reiterates the “all are welcome” attitude the organization values), and the new fans will help keep things comfortable even on those muggy July and August afternoons. 


Fire Control Panel

Admittedly, this upgrade isn’t as exciting as the rest, but it’s perhaps the most important. Our fire suppression system requires regular maintenance, and the electronic system that controls it all is reaching the end of its lifespan with proprietary parts which are becoming difficult to replace or repair. The good news is that thanks to a private grant, this system will be switched out with new electronics keeping the 115 year old building and all those who use it safe and sound for years to come. This upgrade will occur in the coming months, and we expect it to have minimal impact on the wide array of programs and events happening each day.


What’s Next?

There’s a saying, “Tide and time wait for no man,” and we know a little something about the “time” portion of that statement. After all, the predominant portion of our logo is a clock. Unfortunately, that very clock perched high on the building’s west side is showing its age.

The good news is the internal mechanism of the hand-wound clock has been maintained and repaired over the years so that it is still in good working order. The housing on the outside, located in a precarious spot to easily maintain, will require replacement.

Over the coming months we’ll be gathering information on the best means to replace this handcrafted custom housing. The cost will not be insignificant, but our goal will be to match the craftsmanship and quality of the original housing which has lasted through generations of coastal Maine weather.