The view outside The Neighborhood House around 11:30 am this morning, March 13.

The view outside The Neighborhood House around 11:30 am this morning, March 13.


Winter Storm Program Updates

Mother Nature continues to keep us on our toes, and with a Blizzard Warning issued from Tuesday into Wednesday morning, some of our mid-week programs have been affected. Check back, as we’ll update this post with new information and announcements as they become available.

Updated: Wed., March 14 @ 4pm

Our main office is closed today, but you can get in touch with us via email or leave us a message via Facebook.



Two Shoes Dance Classes

Wednesday afternoon dance classes with instructor Tami Willis are ON. 

The Community Cafe is a Go!

The snow is still coming down at a steady rate on Wednesday morning and there's still a lot of cleanup that needs to happen, but our Community Cafe is still on for Thursday.

Stop by and join the crew from our generous sponsor, Coastal Computers, as we warm up with a "Pasta Bar," garlic bread, salad, and dessert. Lunch gets underway at 11:30 and runs until 1pm. Just a $7 suggested donation and seniors are invited to join us "on the house."

March Yoga with Mike Bouscaren

Unfortunately, the timing of this latest storm has forced us to cancel the Tuesday afternoon class, as well as Wednesday morning. Stay warm, enjoy the snow as best you can, and look for updates on Mike’s next class soon!

After School Youth Club

Youth Club follows suit with what the local schools do. There is no After School Youth Club on Wednesday, March 14.

Active Older Adults

There will be no Active Older Adults class on Wednesday, March 14. Stay safe and we’ll see you next week!

Community Fitness Room

Technically, our gym remains open from 5am to 10pm, even during the storm. Due to the longevity of this storm, we cannot guarantee the entryways will be cleared. Our best advice is to stay off the roads during the storm and get your workout in with a snow shovel. Stay safe in the snow, and remember-- there will be plenty of time to workout indoors during "mud season."


Common Sense Safety Tips Courtesy the National Safety Council

Shoveling Safety Tips

  • Do not shovel after eating or while smoking
  • Take it slow and stretch out before you begin
  • Shovel only fresh, powdery snow; it's lighter
  • Push the snow rather than lifting it
  • If you do lift it, use a small shovel or only partially fill the shovel
  • Lift with your legs, not your back
  • Do not work to the point of exhaustion


Snow Blower Safety Tips

  • If the blower jams, turn it off

  • Keep your hands away from the moving parts
  • Do not drink alcohol and use the snow blower
  • Be aware of the carbon monoxide risk of running a snow blower in an enclosed space
  • Refuel your snow blower when it is off, never when it is running
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