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The Neighborhood House

NHH Mission Statement

The fundamental purpose of The Neighborhood House is to serve as the community center for the year ‘round and summer residents of the town of Mount Desert.  The center, along with its programs, is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the community values and spirit of the town.  The programs shall not focus on any age group or income bracket within the community; we will provide equally for all.


The Neighborhood House has been many things to many people since its doors opened in 1905. In those hundred-plus years, the Town of Mount Desert has certainly gone through a plethora of change, as too has The Neighborhood House itself. One thing that has remained the same, however, is the mission of The Neighborhood House and the important role it plays within our community.

The Neighborhood House BowlingThe vaudeville performances and bowling lanes from years past may have long since been superseded by community celebrations, yoga classes, and the like; but the spirit with which it was founded remains the same. In fact, today, The Neighborhood House offers more programs and events than it has at any other point in its long history.

In addition to the current slate of programs and activities implemented by The Neighborhood House, each year dozens of other local groups and organizations utitlize the facility as well. From Senior College cooking classes to Community Theater, and everything in between, The Neighborhood House is "home" for many groups. NHH also very proud to collaborate extensively with the Northeast Harbor Library and Mt. Desert Elementary School, helping to maintain and promote a true sense of community.The Neighborhood House Waybacker Ball

What makes the history of The Neighborhood House so special is that it has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the residents of Mt. Desert (and beyond). We love when folks share stories with us about watching the basketball games played in the Great Hall, or setting pins in the basement bowling alley in the 1940s. What we love even more, however, is having those same individuals still involved with NHH today, whether it be staying active in the Fitness Room, or taking part in a community luncheon.

The Neighborhood House has a long and rich history, and thanks to the support of and invovlement of the community, that history will continue to grow for years to come.



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There is always a lot going on at The Neighborhood House, and we're always looking to add more!

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The Neighborhood House depends on private financial support so that it may continue to provide a wide array of programs and events to the entire community throughout the year. Any gift, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated and will aid us in achieving that goal. Equally important are the volunteers, without whom non of this would be possible.